Pap-tests in 2016 e 2017

15% positive to cancer
23% positive to HPV


Breast exams

36% abnormal results
10% positive to cancer


Gynaecological andgeneral medicine patients


Women involved in ourawareness campaigns

Our Challenge

In low income countries, cancer is becoming a more and more serious problem due to the lack of awareness and prevention campaigns, and to the weakness of the local health system. Every year, cancer affects thousands of women due to poverty, bad nutrition, lack of hygiene and bad health habits, causing thousands of deaths.
Our challenge is to create a successful project model, with a strong impact on the population, that can easily be reproduce in other low income countries.

Spread Awarness

A large percentage of the Malagasy population thinks that cancer is a disease that will always cause the death of anyone affected. That’s why 4aWoman promotes awareness campaigns to reach the largest amount of women possible.

At the same time, we promote advocacy activities towards local and government authorities as well as the international community, in order to promote awareness of this issue and to highlight the need for urgent, concrete action.

Treat and prevent

Our main goal is to offer concrete help to women in Madagascar. Thanks to our health and prevention centers for women and children, not only we can offer cancer prevention and treatment, but also general medical services aimed at solving the most common healthcare issues that affect the population.

Train local resources

In sub-Saharan Africa, the number of doctors and healthcare operators is often not enough to fit the needs of the local population, especially when it comes to oncology. That is the reason why we promote the constant training of our medical personnel, both in Madagascar and abroad, in order to improve the quality of the services offered.

Support research

4aWoman, in collaboration with its local and international partners, supports research in order to collect epidemiological data on cancer and especially on the types of cancer that affect African women; the aim is to research potential complementary treatments to offer the local population, which has a hard time accessing standard treatment.

The project

4aWoman is one of the first integrated prevention and cancer treatment projects across the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. It was created in Madagascar in 2009, thanks to the support of the Akbaraly Foundation, a local humanitarian organization, and developed in collaboration with the local Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization and the European Institute of Oncology (IEO). It’s goal is to promote the health and wellbeing of the sub-Saharan and Malagasy population, especially women and children.


5 new Health Posts inaugurated in Rwanda

Together with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and its partners, the Akbaraly Foundation inaugurated 5 new health posts in the Gisagara District, Rwanda. ⁣

The posts will be used for early testing, disease prevention and family planning, in line with the mission and values of 4aWoman project. ⁣

More than 5,000 residents of the District participated in the campaign, as well as Hon. Diane Gashumba (pictured), the Rwandan Minister of Health, who commended the Gisagara District for this great result. ⁣

The construction of health posts has provided access to health facilities in not more than 30 minutes walking distance to approximately 145 people per day.

Below, the apreciation letter by the Rwandan Ministry of Health.

download letterphoto report

South Mission

Last November, our amazing staff was involved in an important Mission to the South of Madagascar, in the Isifotra, Analavoka, Iakora, Morafeno, Ravohitra, Sakaraka and Ihosy regions.

We involved the local population in mass awareness campaigns and provided prevention and early diagnosis services. In total, we performed 732 Pap tests (screening for uterine cancer) and 836 breast exams, to prevent breast cancer.

Congrats to our staff and thanks to the local population for the trust, our partners for the support, and the local authorities for the warm welcome!


Mention on Radio France Internationale

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