The 4aWoman Project

Created in 2009, 4aWoman is the first integrated project in sub-Saharan Africa whose aim is to create a health service for the primary and secondary prevention, early diagnosis, and management of female cancers, complemented by awareness and advocacy actions, training, and scientific research.

The project benefits the population of Madagascar thanks to a wide range of health services, three medical centers, an anatomopathological laboratory, a Mobile Unit, a galenic laboratory, a telemedicine service, and an ambulance.


The activities of the 4aWoman project are articulated along 4 fundamental axes: Awareness and advocacy, Prevention and treatment, Formation, Research


Informing the population of the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life is a crucial element for all our actions. For this reason, we promote awareness-raising activities that reach tens of thousands of women and children across the country every year.

At the same time, we develop advocacy activities aimed at the local authorities and the international community to raise awareness of the urgency of health issues in Madagascar and the need for concrete interventions to highlight the importance of prevention and guarantee access to care.


We promote an equal and universal access to health care and services by offering an ever-growing range of services free of charge to meet the needs of the population.

This means more than just cancer prevention: indeed, we also offer maternal and child health, pediatrics, obstetrics, the prevention and treatment of malnutrition, orthopedics, pediatric orthopedic surgery, physiatry, kinesitherapy, lab tests and much more.


In sub-Saharan Africa, the number of doctors and specialized health personnel is not sufficient to meet the needs of the population, especially in the oncology field.

For this reason, 4aWoman promotes the continuous training of local health personnel, both in Madagascar and abroad. They, in turn, train new health professionals in the country, a key element in guaranteeing the sustainability and continuity of the project.


Together with our health staff and in collaboration with national and international partners, 4aWoman supports and promotes research with the aim of collecting epidemiological and statistical data and studying potential complementary treatments for a population that has many difficulties accessing standard care.

Our impact


Pap smears performed for the early diagnosis and prevention of gynecological cancers


Breast exams performed for early detection and prevention of breast cancer


Malnourished mothers and children treated


People involved in awareness campaigns

4awoman Partner