4aWoman is an innovative and unique project, especially in a complex country like Madagascar: we rely almost exclusively on local staff, involving various Malagasy partners (government agencies, universities and research institutes, local NGOs, etc.) and we enjoy widespread consensus and support from the local communities, which is essential to ensure the success, but also the sustainability, of our actions.

Our goal is to concretely help the most fragile population of Madagascar, especially women and children. Thanks to our health centers, we offer equal and universal access to the prevention and treatment of the most common health problems in the country

The health services offered in our centers are almost always free; otherwise, the costs are on average 50% below market price, and we are often the only ones to offer prevention and health care in a given territory.

All Pap smears, gynecological consultations, preventive screenings, consultations on malnutrition and pediatric orthopedic surgery services are completely free.

Thanks to our telemedicine service, featuring an optic fiber system and an Aperio scanner, all cytological and histological reports can be consulted and transmitted all over the world in real time, obtaining diagnoses quickly and with the highest level of quality.

Our centers

Center for Prevention and Health of Mother and Child (Rex) - Fianarantsoa

This is where the 4aWoman project was born and where it continues to be a constant reference point for the population of southern Madagascar.

Services: general medicine; gynecological, prenatal and pediatric consultations; prevention and early diagnosis of female tumors (Pap smears, ultrasounds, mammograms, biopsies); treatment of precancerous lesions with the LEEP technique; prevention and treatment of malnutrition; maternal and child health; orthopedics; pediatric surgery and physiotherapy rehab.

This center also houses the anatomopathological analysis laboratory (the only one in Madagascar outside the capital) and the galenic laboratory.

Candide Hospital - Mahajanga

The Candide Hospital is the second health center of the 4aWoman project, dedicated to the population of the north of the country.

Services: general medicine; gynecological, prenatal and pediatric consultations; obstetrics; prevention and early diagnosis of female tumors (Pap smears, ultrasounds, biopsies); treatment of precancerous lesions with the LEEP technique; prevention and treatment of malnutrition; maternal and child health.

Mobile Unit “Luisa” - Fianarantsoa

The Mobile Unit is a Mercedes 4×4 truck, equipped with all the necessary equipment for mammograms and ultrasounds, a bed for medical consultations, a telemedicine service, an electric generator, a video screen for awareness activities, and a fridge. “Luisa”, accompanied by a 4×4 pick-up, visits families who live in rural villages, which represent the majority of the population, as well as its most vulnerable group and the one that has the most difficulties accessing health services.
With our “Luisa”, we can also reach health workers in the most isolated areas to provide training activities and integrate our services on the territory into a network, giving our support to Basic Health Centers, and collaborating with the public health institutions.

Kintana Center and Ambulance

The most recently opened health center offers a wide range of health services, which includes everything that is already active in Mahajanga and Fianarantsoa in addition to Covid-19, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, endocrinology, psychology, psychiatry, nutrition and allergology.

Thanks to its crucial position in the heart of the capital, it also offers paid services for the wealthiest population, thus helping to generate income that is fully reinvested in the 4aWoman project, increasing its sustainability, and ensuring its continuity over time.

The Kintana center can also rely on an ambulance equipped with oxygen and defibrillator for emergencies.