Pap smears performed for the early diagnosis and prevention of gynecological cancers


Breast exams performed for early detection and prevention of breast cancer


Malnourished mothers and children treated


People involved in awareness campaigns

Our Stories

Razafimandimby Alain Kevin

An orphaned little baby of 8 months, cared for in the pediatrics and nutrition departments of the Rex ever since he was 3, when he weighed only 1.5 kg. He was hospitalized and had to be monitored carefully, because he was extremely small and…

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Haingotiana Ratsimbazafy

I started working for this project in 2012 as a laboratory technician; I dealt with the reading of the HPV test results and assisted my colleagues during the Pap tests and the staining of the slides for the analyses. In 2014, with the arrival of the…

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I heard about the Pink October activities from the radio, that’s why I came to the Rex; I arrived in Fianarantsoa yesterday morning for the Pap test and I had a mammogram done today, because I worry about my health. I spent all my savings to come…

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Maria Goretti Razanazafy

The mother of one of my students told me about the Pink October, because she heard about it on the radio and she had already been to the Rex. Then I decided to come to the Rex too, as soon as I could, because what I had heard about cancer was…

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Marie Juliette

I consider myself a friend of this Center, I’ve been coming here since 2012, the first time I had a Pap test done, and I come back every 3 years. After my first exam, the doctor noticed some issues and prescribed me some medication for a year. In…

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