Since its creation in 2009, the project has been conceived as a “journey” to accompany women and their families through awareness raising, primary and secondary prevention of female cancers, diagnosis, possible treatments, and medium-term monitoring, which evaluates the impact of our actions on the population.

This journey, called the “pink and turquoise path” after the colors symbolizing breast and cervical cancer, develops in three steps:

First step

Our medical teams organize informative sessions for women residing in urban suburbs and rural areas, with the aim of promoting women’s health and spreading awareness on correct lifestyle habits, cancer, and the need for regular checkups to prevent disease.

Second step

Our health centers are the reference point for any woman who wants to benefit from a medical checkup. Our specialists are available for screening and early diagnosis activities thanks to the latest digital technology, including mammograms, ultrasounds, and Pap smears.

Third step

Women with precancerous and cancerous lesions that cannot be treated directly on site are immediately directed by our operators to the nearest public or private health center for any oncological treatment (cryotherapy, LEEP procedure, surgery, chemotherapy, palliative care).

Follow Up

Follow up is the most complex part of this project due to specific issues with the territory, in particular the scarcity of infrastructures and transportation, and the socio-economic and cultural component. The 4aWoman project relies heavily on the collaboration with local partners (doctors, midwives, social services, religious congregations, local organizations, etc.) to maintain constant contact, even at a distance, with our patients.

On average, over 70% of women come back to pick up their results and prescription after participating in the prevention activities. The follow-up response is around 50%, an large percentage that generates a significant impact on a particularly vulnerable population.