The mother of one of my students told me about the Pink October, because she heard about it on the radio and she had already been to the Rex. Then I decided to come to the Rex too, as soon as I could, because what I had heard about cancer was frightening.

So, I left my students with one of my colleagues and I came here: I actually arrived yesterday, but there were too many women waiting and I have been told to come back today. I am very happy to be here, I think that with my salary and the expenses for my family I would’ve never been able to pay for the mammogram and the Pap test. I repeat, I am so glad I can have these tests done for free, I feel so lucky.

We, the women of Fianarantsoa, are all very lucky to have this Center

I would like to tell every woman to come to the Rex, even if you are in town for a short time, because prevention is better than cure.

I would like to thank all the staff sincerely for the warm welcome, for sharing their knowledge with us and teaching us how to do a breast self-exam; I am going home with a wonderful “gift” and I can’t wait to share it with my students’ mothers. As a teacher, it is my duty to teach them the terrible consequences of cancer, and to convince them all to come to the Rex.

I would also like to encourage the staff of the Center and most of all the Founder of this project and tell them to keep going, because we need you and I hope that one day all Malagasy women will be able to benefit from your services. Thank you again for your professionalism, you managed to dissipate all our fears and worries, you gave us strength and your presence in Fianarantsoa is a guarantee for our health. To me, health is in the hands of God but that doesn’t mean it should be left entirely to chance.

I think there are still some women who have not heard about this Center, so I invite everyone to keep promoting it and to encourage the women who have already been here to talk about it to their friends.

I will also come back tomorrow for the Zumba lesson.