I consider myself a friend of this Center, I’ve been coming here since 2012, the first time I had a Pap test done, and I come back every 3 years. After my first exam, the doctor noticed some issues and prescribed me some medication for a year. In 2015 I had a check-up and I’m completely fine now. In the same year, I was also invited to have a mammogram done and I’ve been taught how to do the breast self-exam. Ever since then I have never stopped doing it and I’ve talked about it with everybody, especially my children.

I am the responsible of my parish, and I encourage everybody, and most of all young women, to come to the Rex to have a Pap test and a mammogram done, I talk about this as often as I can, because it is very important to be aware of our health. It helps us be stronger; it reassures us and helps us to take care of ourselves. “It is better to prevent than to cure”.

I thank God for Madam President and her family, for their devotion and love for the Malagasy people, and for accepting this great mission to save the life of Malagasy women. She truly gave all of herself to us.

This Center is a real treasure for me and for all those who live in Fianarantsoa, it’s part of the Patrimony of our country and of the Haute Matsihatra region.

I would like to thank the Akbaraly Foundation and all the staff of the ONG La Vita Per Te for their strength, dedication and professionalism, all of you are special and you really are our “saviors”. Keep going!

I would also like to say this to all the young people and especially teenagers that have their first sexual experiences: take care of your health and your future, come to the Rex for a mammogram and a Pap test, don’t be lazy, because you are the future of your country. Don’t forget that if you don’t know your partner’s past, their history, you shouldn’t let love and sweet words fool you.

I would like to invite all women to come for a mammogram, we are very lucky to have this Center here in Fianarantsoa. We need to fight our fears and think about the future of our families, of our country. I can assure you that now I am not worried anymore about my health, I even became a blood donor for the Fianarantsoa hospital, because I like the idea of being able to save a life.